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Irrigation as a Service

Volta Irrigation is an Agriculture project dedicated to increasing the productivity of smallholder farmers. We provide irrigation as a service to farmers, meaning, farmers don’t have to worry about affording the upfront cost of owning an irrigation product. With Volta Irrigation, all they have to do is to subscribe to our irrigation service to access irrigation. This way they do not get to cater for the upfront cost and maintenance of running an irrigation system on their farmland. We take over that stress and ensure their crops do not lack water throughout the season.

Value Proposition

Our key differentiation is that we focus on providing efficient services that would enable farmers to increase their productivity and yield quality. We also focus on bridging the affordability gap for farmers by providing custom packages for farmers depending on their income level. As first to market, our model is unique and allows us to add additional services to the farmers, offering us the easy entry to build on the infrastructure we have to solve the other secondary problems for the farmers.  

Farmer-led Irrigation

Climate Smart Irrigation


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